iOS, Privacy and App Setups

With my latest setup I looked to merge a privacy oriented app selection, the right privacy settings whilst also having a beautiful widget and app layout. (Some open source apps are ugly, there’s no denying they’re great efforts by lots of people but I can’t help loving gorgeous UI).

VOICES – An iPhone Narrative Review

It’s the 20th century and the picture house is on the rise. Movies are becoming sensations and people flock to see them. You turn to the person next to you and say, one day we can all make these movies with a machine in our pocket. They laugh in response.

For some the dream of becoming a filmmaker is never a part of their mind, but for others, it’s a daydreams that hits them everyday. Armed with his iPhone 8 – Jordon Cal set out to make that daydream a reality and produce Voices – An iPhone Narrative.

It’s a short piece but a compelling entry into Moment International 2019 and shows the new generation of filmmakers are not limiting themselves to expensive camera gear to make their movies.


The film starts off with a man in a distressed state, simply and immediately throwing the audience into a state of discomfort before swiftly moving into a almost God Vs Man shot which was reminiscent to me of the interrogation room of a police building.

Somehow Jordon has managed to achieve great low light shots here with his iPhone 8 – not something the device is known for when it comes to video. Kudos to him for that.

That’s when it happens. What you didn’t expect.


The movie goes from Real Life action to stop motion photography of Lego. It was not what I expected but don’t get me wrong I did find myself drawn more into the story from that point.

In fact this half of the story brought out some of my favourite cinematography of the short film.

Again – really showing off some great use of the camera to capture low light photography here

This second shot took the cake for me.

Literally felt like I’d gone from being in the interrogation room to waking up to a heavenly figure looking over me.

I’ll admit I was lost a little in the plot and what was going on – perhaps that was intentional on Jordons part – it is after all titled Voices which suggests some sort of mental health issue like schizophrenia.

All in all – a great short film, with great iPhone Cinematography, some great stop motion, and a clear effort gone in into producing something that gets the audience intrigued, sometimes anxious and otherwise very much bemused.

Reddit Moderation; What you don’t see

With most larger subreddits, it seems the communities perception of the moderators changes almost daily between those two states, in a situation I will coin as the “Schrodinger’s Snoo.” Like Schrodinger’s Cat – you can’t tell if the moderator’s are loved or hated until you open the box that is the comments on any sh*tpost or popular topic.